Monday, March 28, 2011

To write a poem

Do you have an emotion
Bottled up in you
That chokes you up
now and then
And suddenly leaves you.

Can you spin a web,
with words acting as the thread,
then writing a poem is very simple,
there is nothing to dread.

When you get these emotions
begging to get out,
quickly take a pencil,
and jot them down.

Put those emotions
in words quick and sly,
before your mind rebels
and let the emotions fly.

The result may be hazy
the mixture may be dense,
Let the broth cool down
It will make some sense.

Now that you have netted him (emotions)
Caught him bright and clear (with words)
What you have created is
Known as poem my dear…..


Tracer Bullet said...

Common man of India, you are the common man of poems...

deekay said...

thangu...thangu....hope R. K. Laxman does not mind.......:D

Anonymous said...

You just created The Preamble in the Constitution of Poetry, Mr. Deekay ;-)

deekay said...

thnxxx........and the President of Poetry Land goes by the name of one Mr. D. Snare.......;-)