Monday, January 2, 2012

Typhoid, cooking and movies......:-)

My typhoid induced holidays are coming to an end.  The days were not easy to go by in the beginning, but once I got used to the lazy routine, it was fun.  As I gained strength, I started helping mother in kitchen (with dinner only) and in the process learned how to knead flour, make roti, make omlette, make fried masala noodles, alu ka bujiya, baigan ka bujiya etc.  I also watched around 50 movies and  have maintained an exclusive list of them.  Here they go;

1.  Toy story.  (already watched, just revising)
2.  Batman begins (same as above).
3.  The Dark Knight.
4.  Kung fu panda 2.
5.  The incredibles.
6.  Inception.
7.  The women in green.
8.  Catch me if you can.
9.  Tintin and the adventure of the Unicorn.
10.  Crouching tiger hidden dragon.
11.  Castle in the sky
12.  Wall E.
13.  Bourne Ultimatum.
14.  Saving Pvt. Ryan.
15.  Invictus.

1.  Hulchul.
2.  Yadoon ki baraat (watched as a kid)
3.  Hum Kisi se kum nahin.
4.  Kuch na kehna (a hrishikesh Mukherjee entertainer)
5.  Khoobsurat (same as above).
6.  Yuva.
7.  Swades.
8.  Dil se
9.  Dostana.
10.  Quyamat se Quyamat tak
11.  Jhankar Beats
12.  Dil Chahta hai
13.  Satte Pe satta.
14.  Don – the chase begins (1).
15.  Hungama.
16.  Rann.
17.  Kabul Express.
18.  Mr. & Mrs. Aiyyer.
19.  Arakshan.

1.  Puchekye oru mookuthi.
2.  Shikar.
3.  Malarvadi Arts club.
4.  Nerakuttom.
5.  Apoorvaragam.
6.  Meleparambil Aanveedu.
7.  Bodyguard.
8.  Mayilattom.
9.  Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja.
10.  Chatambi Naadu.
11.  Manasil Akkare
12.  Marupuram.
13.  Rajamanikyam (revision)
14.  Kottara vetille Appukuttan.
15.  Ayilathe Adheham
16.  Delhi Wala Rajakumaran

1.  Gilli.

Here are the stand-out movies….

Toy story:  Although I just watched the first part this time, the whole series is worth watching.  One of my favorites.

Batman begins and dark knight:  Again one of my all time favorites.

Kung fu panda 2:  Those who loved the first part would surely love this one.

Wall E:  The story of a lonely robot who yearns for company, one of the best animation movies from Pixar studios.

Bourne Ultimatum:  Although I have not watched Bourne supremacy (the second part of Bourne trilogy), but I feel it can’t be better than this one, the last in the series.  Matt Dammon stars as Jason Bourne, a super spy suffering from amnesia, who is racing against time to expose the CIA after being framed as a traitor.

Invictus:  Does a movie starring Morgan Freeman and Matt Dammon need any special reason to be watched? Morgan Freeman is playing Nelson Mandela and Matt Dammon as Francois Pienaar, the captain of the national rugby team.  This movie is based on a real story, the triumph of South African team in 1995 rugby world cup, despite the overwhelming odds against them and how Nelson Mandela uses sports as a medium to unite a country divided along the racial lines.   

Khoobsurat and Kissi se na kahna:  Typical Hrishikesh Mukherjii movies, light hearted comedies, ideal to watch with family.

Swades:  Liked the story, loved the heroine, ;-0

Jhankar Beats:  Hey why did I not see this movie earlier, a movie on friendship, music and marital life, a great watch, loved the chemistry between Sanjay Suri and Rahul Bose.

Dil Chahata Hai:  The Baap of all friendship movies, umpteen times I have watched this movie, and still do not shy away from viewing one more time.

Don chase begins:  For all those who have watched the original Don of Amitabh, you are in for a big big surprise as far as the story goes.

Rann:  Sometimes Ram Gopal Varma does seriously make movies and this one is proof of that, based on the liaison of media and politics, a good commentary on the times we live.

Kabul Express:  Two journalists foray into the war torn Afghanistan, the perils awaiting them are trigger happy Afghans, fanatic disbanded talibani soldiers, and last but not the least, American missiles.  I loved this movie, would surely club it among one of my favorites.  It does not look like a bollywood movie from any angle.

Mr. & Mrs. Aiyyer:  Story of a young Bengali Muslim youth and a conservative Tamil Brahmin married woman brought together by a rather sad turn of events.  The movie explores the human mind, actions, and dogmas beautifully.  What else can be expected from Aparna Sen?

Puchekye oru mookuthi:  The movie on which Hindi movie Hangama is based, a laugh riot, especially towards the end.

Shikar:  A Mohan Lal thriller.

Malarwadi Arts club:  Friendship and music is a potent combination, this one is also good to watch.

Apoorvaragam:  I would say this movie came as a shocker, although towards the end, it took the clichéd route, still enjoyed it, (although will not view it a second time).

Jayaraman and Rajasenan (actor-director) have produced some good family movies and I liked all 4 movies that I watched i.e. Meleparambil Aanveedu, Kottara vetille Appukuttan, Ayilathe Adheham, Delhi Wala Rajakumaran.

Although there are many good Tamil movies out there to watch, I could only spare time for Gilli, a typical Vijay entertainer, fun to watch.

Thus ended my movie watching spree at a score of 51.

Well, tomorrow I will be packing my bags and leaving for New Delhi, so I wont be that much active in blogosphere.  All the best to all the readers and have a wonderful 2012.

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