Friday, June 24, 2011

Have faith

I can show you the way,
the way I had seen.
When I at your age,
had traversed
through this din.

Life had then been,
full of twists n turns,
There still is no
lack of sudden curves.

You may not see,
the way I had seen.
Or I may never be,
in the spot you have been.

But one thing I want
you to seriously hear,
Have FAITH my friend
There is nothing to fear.

You may not see the sun,
when dark clouds are there,
but does that mean
He isn't there?

That he is there
And he shall come out.
Never lose this faith
All through your route.

And who knows, maybe someday
You may become the beacon
To some one lost in the way

And discover this to your delight
Your faith increases
The more you show the light....


Subhorup Dasgupta said...

What a wonderfully inspiring poem. Truly uplifting!!

deekay said...

Thnks Subho bhai

rskurup said...

very inspiring dhiru carry on

unknown poet said...

no words toexpress...simply excelent..

deekay said...

thnx chittapa n up.....:-)


yes...indeed HE is matter you can see HIM or not...just have faith n feel HIM....

Best wishes,

deekay said...

i agree Irfan bhai...:-)

Rachna said...

A real inspiration poem. Very well written.

deekay said...

thnx mam said...

hii.. Nice Post

Thanks for sharing

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