Monday, April 4, 2011

Khi khii khiii

Went out to market
Had things to buy
changes were there
Dazzled my eye

Pig was running dairy farm
grunting, grumping
full of seethe
No milk said he
As Ms. Cow was on maternity

My next stop was the grocery store
Old sly fox was at the door
No credit allowed
grunted he
I was pushed out
Couldn't even say hi.

Thus empty handed
I strolled on,
watched the traffic
flowing through,
Hippos and hyenas
riding bikes
crocs were driving bus (crocodile)
and autorickshaws

How come this world
has become so wild
I was thinking
when I saw this child,
who shrieked with joy,
called me near
and this is what
I had to hear.
Monkey, monkey,
monkey with a tail
The kid had spotted
the monkey without fail.

My world was shattered
I ran up the nearest tree.
Alas, I was a monkey
If only I could see

I vowed to myself
as I hit the sack
I am getting this monkey
off my back.
tomorrow is another day
I will strive to be a man,
come what may...


Tracer Bullet said...

another day came with renewed life breaths,
the monkey couldn't help but find in his heart's depths -
the knowledge that he was precious,
to those who knew him the closest.

deekay said...

:D......once again the poet in Mr. T. Bullet resurfaces.......

unknown poet said...

he he he...simply great...i think u have started writing the way u like to i.e...poem in a comic way..this one was jus that...jus amazing..i liked crocodile as the word was jus apt 4 d person u referrd to...:D

deekay said...

thnx UP........:-)


hahaa enjoyed the read.....:D

Thanks for the visit and the comments....plz do come again.

Best wishes,

deekay said...

thnx Irfan bhai....sure...i will be hanging out at apni boli...:-)


enjoyed read this :D

ll go through ur blog and see if u have some more of these.

Gayathri said...

Awesome poem! Loved it... :)

Your newest Follower,

Dhiraj Kartik said...

@deb...thnx or shall i say khi khi..;)

@gayathri....thnkx gayathri n u r welcome....:-) said...

hii.. Nice Post

Thanks for sharing

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