Monday, July 4, 2011

On the life of Mr. B.

I saw you take birth
I saw you fly
I was the one
Who blew you from behind.

You didn't go much up,
You floated down,
I blew you up again,
This time you were gone.

Up you went,
through the branches and leaves.
You found your way
Through the swirling tree.

Then came the obstacle,
Your path was blocked,
You were beyond my reach
It wasn't my fault.

Thus on a leaf
You met your end
Bye bye o Bubble
I will miss you my friend.


Govind Raj said...

Deekay, My goodness you seem to look around and see life everywhere ! Marvellous !

PS: See the additional 'L' is deliberate. Orellu koodiyale Malayalikku ishtappedum ennulla dhaarana kaaranam :-)

deekay said...

thnx doctor saab.....anyway i agree malayalis have got an extra "ell" (funny bone):P

unknown poet said...

ooh wow!!excellent..:)

deekay said...

thnx UP....:=)

Rachna said...

Simple and cute, the story of a bubble :).

Vairamuthu said...

Excellent Dhiraj.

DEEKAY said...

@rachna...thnx mam
@vaira.....thnx buddy...n welcome to deekayrites....:-)


where are you mannnn...its long to see you around....
wish things are fine at ur end....