Thursday, December 29, 2011

Adventures in kitchen - 1

I love eating, and that too at a fast rate, (which my mother and sister say is nothing but gulping down food).  Thanks to typhoid, I had to learn to cook as it was the outside food which made me a target of Mr. T.

First task was learning how to knead the flour to make roti.  What looked an entirely simple exercise in the hands of my mother turned into a nightmare for me.  I had seen the flour magically coming together and forming a round nearly spherical shape when mom was at the helm, now the same flour was behaving erratically.  It refused to join together.  I was getting impatient with all the kneading and poured the full glass of water into the kneading plate and soon a floury soup was ready.  Mom was horrified to see my creation and immediately started putting more flour in it.  She asked why did I put all the water at once, I should have slowly mixed water and continued with the kneading, in the end all would have come together.  Because of mixing more water, the dough was very sticky and gluey and it was difficult to make roti out of it.  Mom had to add more and more flour.  In the end, she ended up making 20 rotis instead of the planned 10.

I learned an important lesson about practicing restraint and patience and also what not to do while kneading the flour.

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