Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hooh Haah INDIA

"Sucess has many fathers, failure has no mother. " -Jarid Kitrak

Well this is what came to my mind after Indian Worldcup hopes ended and the blame game started. Poor Rahul Dravid, he did not deserve to be in this situation, his only problem was that he could not make his committment trickle to other members of the team.

Following four are my observations:

1. TEAM INDIA. The coach and captain were building a young team young for worldcup, (okay agreed they goofed up on pathan). When this young team started playing badly, why did not these gentlemen who are now shouting from every available rooftops standup and bat for the youngsters?

2. MEDIA. In the India versus Bangladesh match, while the Indian batters were being held by scruff of neck by Banglabowlers, there was an advertisement in TV (shown at the end of every over) in which a group of Indian cricketers who change into tigers while they step on to the field. The discrepancy was too large too ignore and it was like rubbing salts on the wounds of the already traumatised Indian fans. Why does the media portray cricketers as larger than life characters?

3. POLITICIANS. Ahem, well now we are getting quotable quotes from politicians cutting across partylines about bringing in youngblood in Indian Team. Well I do not know anything about politics, but still I feel that our cricketers have performed better than what these guys do in parliament. And also, what about brining in youngblood in politics too (patronizing ones own son or daughter is not what I mean by bringing in youngblood-giving chance to those who have the potential).

4. PUBLIC. The biggest lesson here is that exit from Worldcup is not the end of world and niether is cricket the only sport in the world. Morever cricketers in particular and sports star in general have a short shelf life, so they try to earn much as possible throughout their professional career through advertisement and endorsements. There is no point in damaging their property as they have not garnered it up through scams or illegal means. The best approach would be just ignore them, stop watching cricket(especially Indian cricket), there are many other less time consuming sports.

Well after having said all this, I am still thinking whether playing Pathan in place of Uthappa in that match against Sri Lanka would have made any difference? ;)


Stephen Joseph DCruz said...

Well, Dhiraj I do not know how you got such good illustrations to illustrate your ideas expressed about indian cricket. I agree with your ideas. I know India did very poorly, but see what has happened to Pakistan cricket. Well, world is really taking a turn over. I am amased with Australia and SountAfricas and ofcourse Bangaladeshis, but I was not surprised given the sage sayings of Praveen Bhai.

Subhorup Dasgupta said...

Would you be interested in writing about the movie Bucket List? This has ref to your more recent writing. Saturday? Tuesday?

deekay said...

sorry bhai...for the late replay...i have not seen this movie...but it looks like Vinay Shukla's Dusvidaniya.....wat about Sat and Tue?

Subhorup Dasgupta said...

list of things we wish could change in this lifetime.

deekay said...

yeah..i watched it bhai....thnx for recommending....more ever i love Morgan Freeman....:)