Thursday, January 7, 2010

A new year

An old year gone, a new year comes, one more year added to a/c book of Chitragupta, (according to Hindu mythology, Chitragupta is the God who keeps all the records of our good/bad deeds on earth, and decides on the basis of net balance our passage to hell/heaven). As I look back, I feel 2009 was a good year, but I am not deliberating on this as that post would have been more suitable had I written it in December 2009.  Since now this is January, I will outline what I feel is in store for me this year.

There are 2 subjects which have come to my attention, one of them is quite accidental.

1.  Photography:  I was very fortunate to come across a community in Orkut, which instilled in me the desire to click good pictures.  Armed with a canon powershot A470, I click pictures of whatever comes my way.  The most commonly featured model in my picture is Rinkie my doggie, closely followed by all the different kinds of insects that I can find in my compound, followed closely by flowers.

2.  Stock Market:  I have always wondered about the working of stock market and have admired the people who follow daily quotes of shares and stocks on the newspaper, TV, financial magazines.  Also doing my masters in commerce has given the additional incentive to understand this subject, as it is said in the long run, nothing beats the returns of stock market. 

So these are the 2 subjects which I have developed an interest and let us see to which level can I gain expertise.....

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