Monday, September 27, 2010

The road not taken

You must have read Robert Frost's beautiful poem, The Road Not Taken..even after such a long time of being written, the relevance of this poem has not diminished a bit.   At different points in time, we have come across this dilemma of choosing one path over the other and often end up with the lingering doubt whether the decision to travel on a specific path was correct or not....

MT happened to me like that only. I was waiting for my degree results when I saw an ad in paper for a company in Technopark, TVM, where they were taking in Business transcriptionist. Those waiting results can apply was added as a foot note and so I applied and thus began my journey, which eventually led me to medical transcription. The other path available was accountancy profession, but it was monetary wise unfeasible for me at that point in time and MT did solve my financial concerns.

Some times when I look back, I wonder if I had stuck with my accountancy studies, how would things have turned out to be?? The universe sitting where I am contemplating these thoughts would have not been there and a different world would have come to fore...would that have been better than the current one I inhabit? Well, that I do not think can be answered precisely....or can it?

Looking back i think it was a good decision considering my surroundings and situation.

Anyways, MT has blessed me with a gr8 friend and also lots of others friends, a skill to be proud of, and also a kichdi knowledge of medicine, and I hope i can make this path much more enjoyable and memorable than the other path that I would have taken.....;-)

A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles ~ Tim Cahill

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stephenjd said...


It is good to remember those days, that shaped our future. Lately, Praveen, has been scrapping me- reminds me that is almost 6 years since we met, and now is working as a peon at ESIC, Gandhingar. We have the freedom to question and wonder as to what would have happened had we choosen the other path, but then that would be dreaming, we are what we are because of our decision.