Monday, December 13, 2010

Confessions of a net addict

Glaring at the monitor,
Web page refreshed,
Oh...what the hell happened,
Why could not I connect! it is working,
I can see my mail,
With all chat friends neatly aligned,
Life is now a small pail.

Some time back,
It was not like this,
With human interactions,
Virtual world was amiss.

Then came the world wide web,
Entangled me to the core,
Physical world lost one entity,
Virtual gained one more.

The line between
Virtual and real
Is very thin for me,
I dread the day when
The thinness wont be left any!


Anonymous said...

When a poet composes, he is unaware of what masterpiece is in the making. So, hats off to this one, mate. Your sense of rhyming is definitely worth acknowledging and this assemblage of thoughts and life that breathe in these verses is noir, truly noir for a net addict. Great work deekay! 

deekay said...

Thnx DS..........:-)

shubha said...

i dont agree with DS... Deekay...attempt was good,but somewhere i miss the deekay the poet, its my thought. :(

deekay said...

u r welcome shubreen to express ur thoughts...while working 2 days back, net went off and "confessions" happened, although i got stuck in the last 4 lines....:-)

Anonymous said...

@Shubha; Like I said people have different interpretations of poetry. You can’t see what the poet saw in his composing, that’s why we call them poetry; grammatically incorrect freedom of expressions that’s very specific to an individual.