Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fab four and the IPL

Dravid was taken in
Royals made the call
Their wall was breached
for 2 seasons
they needed a new wall

Kochi came calling
Laxman was in
God's own country
To now witness
silken shot making.

God was not bidden
Nobody bids for God
MI had retained him
Once and for all.

But no club for Dada
its how things panned out.
KKR didnt bid for him,
others too did'nt sought

Thus stand the fab four
weighed in dollars and gold
Still it is hard to believe
their worth can be taken hold

Hope this will be the last time
These mongrels bid for all of u
Fab four is something eternal
which we fans do value.


stephenjd said...

a true cricket fan can only think in this way...

stephenjd said...

I think the fab four also feel somewhat bad, seeing people bidding for them and their talent... gone are days when people felt proud just to do their job for their country and for themselves.. now-a-days, people are willing to buy everything that can possibly be bought for money.. the stakes are gone so high that people can't just ignore it and continue their selfless service.. hey, whats wrong with a couple of extra money..!

Sana said...

ridiculous!! players/ppl are bought and sold!! anyways good work DK.

deekay said...

@steve...well steve...i dont think the fab 4 have any monetary incentive for performing, but still i cant understand their need to join this cattle hoarding business. Also with lax coming after such a high in S. Africa..what is the need for this....:x

@Sana....welcum...sana...thnx for the compli........:-)