Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Regal Eagle

Eagles fly,
Pigeons fly,
Sparrows fly,
And so does a fly.

A fly too does fly,
but is never mentioned
in the league of others
have you thought why?

Why to fly
Where to fly
& how high to fly
Are the three things
that makes an eagle
the undisputed regal
And leaves a fly....just as a fly.


unknown poet said...

yeah very true...but can u tel me wt does a fly mean..:)

deekay said...

haha....UP ur protected labs dont have the privilege of becoming fly "addas," so u cannot but show ignorance.....;-

Ms. Arnold said...

hah deeekay....welll i liked your thought :)

deekay said...

thnx Ms. Arnie.....;-)

Tracer Bullet said...

Great thoughts Dhiru bhai...

.. every living thing has its purpose and place in nature, no matter how hard the fly flies, it will never reach the heights of an eagle,.. the only place I have seen fly been glorified is Chip & Dale...

deekay said...

thnks mr. T. bullet. I agree with ur thought that everything has a reason and purpose in the order of nature, but i was using Fly as a metaphor for not "aiming higher" offence meant to Mr. Fly (and we are having lot of his ilk here)..;-)


Subhorup Dasgupta said...