Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The moral police

You dont do this!
You dont go there!
You cannt chose your friends!
You must live in fear!

Are you thinking
who we are?
Why we said,
Whats been said so far?

We are the ones
who always came last,
no matter whichever the event was,
We are the guys standing back in queue,
who have waited and waited without any clue.
But now we have got another venue,
to let our pent up frustrations spill through

So all you gals and guys watch out.
We the moral police are here to bout.
Don't blame us if we overdo,
its just the small (drink)
which gives us this bravado.

So lets meet somewhere later tonight
as of now, we are nocturnal and detest light
Be sure to bring your gal around
So we can teach her some manners, etiquettes et al.

A BPO worker assaulted by moral police in kochi....:x


r s kurup said...

excellent dhiru

deekay said...

thnx chittapa...glad that u liked it

unknown poet said...

another good work from Deekay bhai..:)

Govind Raj said...

Deekay, very nice one ! I can relate to this one.

deekay said...

thnx UP and doctoar saab...

Sana said...

Nice work yaar!! F*** the moral police!!

deekay said...

thnx sana.......:-)