Thursday, April 5, 2012

The D mobile

D was crying.  Why? Because her mobile was missing!  It was not that it was the latest gizmo or a much sought after model, but it was something very close to her heart, a birthday gift from her parents.  Knowing how careless D can be, the whole office, starting from the BM to the office boy got into the act.  R the office boy did not even leave queer places like fridge, photocopy machine as he was well acquainted with the ways of D.  At last everybody gave up and zeroed in on the security camera.  The crew assembled in the BM cabin and rewind was started of the recorded video.  D was last seen checking an SMS at lunch which was at 2-2:30 pm and she reported her mobile missing at around 4 pm.  So that narrowed the time slot to be checked.  It was quite dull and boring to view the recorded video.  It dawned on us that playing Sherlock Holmes wasn’t after all as glamorous and interesting as it looked on print and the screen.  More ever the footage wasn’t that much clear.

One big plus was that D’s phone was still ringing somewhere (albeit in silent mode), so obviously no one stole it.  I had mentioned this bright point earlier in order to slow the slew of tears, but was told “Shubh shubh bole” by D.

Finally, by looking at footages, it was concluded that D had used mobile last at 3:05 pm and had gone to ladies room and placed it in a bag there.  One more time, D’s bag was checked.  After that, other bags lying there were also checked as they were all huddled together in a small rack.  Meanwhile R our office boy called D’s number and was surprised to get his called picked up and what he heard was all the more surprising! It was D’s voice and also G’s voice, who was main investigator in this episode.  Both G and D were checking N’s bag at that point.  Eventually, D’s mobile was found in N’s bag.  It seemed, G had inadvertently pressed call receive button of D’s mobile lying somewhere in N’s bag.  N fumed at D for irresponsibly placing her mobile there.  Although all of us were relieved after finding the lost mobile, can you guess what did D do?

She was found in the wash room, crying, being consoled by one of her colleagues…..Afterwards I learnt that D was hurt by the tone of N’s reprimand.  Mobile lost or found, tears continued…unabated!!


Hariharan Valady said...

They need some reason to cry. I agree.

Author Anupam Patra said...

Nice read.

Dhiraj Kartik said...

@HV....thats what i too concluded...:-)
@AAP......thanks Anupam....:-)

CD!!! said...

No need of a reason to cry! We can cry without reason too :D

deekay said...

yeah...and that isn't unreasonable.....:D....welcum CD said...

hii.. Nice Post

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