Monday, November 4, 2013

A Peek into the Diary of a Touchy Old Man

I touched her from behind,
I have been doing this,
For quite some time !
She never raised any hue n cry,
Never told me I should not try!

I carried on, time went on,
Became an MP and she won a crown,
Then this incident took place,
Really don’t know what to make!

She stood there before me,
It was too enticing you see
I again touched her
She did not seem to mind
But I was wrong,
And that soon did I find!

Only one question
I have to ask
For all these years
Why she did not talk

Public service was
The only thought,
When I touched her on
Different spots!

((Recently the media had a field day reporting on the incident involving an actress and an elderly gentleman who also happens to be a member of parliament.))


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