Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Crane Operator

He brought the engine to life,
The vehicle was ready with all its might,
Now all he that he had to do,
Just take up the object,
& place it on cue.

Electrical Engineer was sipping his tea,
He yawned, stretched & was ready,
Come forward you,
Roared he, not that much
Cant you see?

Project Engineer jumped to the fore,
knocking off his peer’s tea on the floor,
You are forward enough,
Back you should go,
To add more emphasis
He said po, po, po!***

Okay hold on,
Said another voice,
You are back enough,
Go more to the right,
That was manger of construction
Who at last spoke,
He didn’t want the operator,
To miss his poke!

The project manager
Came trundling in,
How could he be left behind,
In all this din!
What is this nonsense,
All this is wrong,
This crane operator,
Is one big moron!

So, retorted the operator,
A moron, who, me?
I can see morons
More than three!

 ***Po = malyalam for go :)

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