Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Revenge of the Tea boy

A delicious mouthwatering prospect
He offered me in a cake,
A pastry to be specific,
Of some exotic make.

It had chocolate cream,
Around the corners,
It had cherry in the mid,
Devour me it screamed,
And devour I did.

Though there were some points
in this saga,
That looked a bit sordid,
Did the pastry tasted sour,
May be a little rancid?

But it was too little,
And may be too late,
I had cleared all of it,
That he gave me on the plate.

Now as I run to and fro,
From bed to bathroom
I have ample time
to ponder
What had gone wrong.

In the morning
In front of a vendor
I had scolded the tea boy
What in the name of tea you make
You idiot!
But he didn’t reply!

So that was it,
I had zeroed it on,
It was a ploy,
The delicious looking pastry,
was just a decoy
It was a sweet revenge,
Revenge of the tea boy !


Tracer Bullet said...

I really enjoyed this simple but humorous recount of misadventure in life. I will in the future share this with the students in my class. Do keep writing DK.

deekay said...

Thank u TB, I am honored :-)

Subhorup Dasgupta said...

Loved it. Sharing on my tea page on Facebook. Look up blendoftea sometime. How are things? Have not heard from you in ages.