Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Elephant and the Jackals

He is big,
He is strong,
He can trample us,
With his copious brawn.

We have to cut him down to size,
Without indulging in hand to hand fight,
How could this be done I pose to you,
The old sly jackal had spoken,
The onus was now on the crew.

I have a plan, quipped a young turk,
Ignoring around a dozen smirk,
Smirk you may, but am not a nut,
We will bleed this elephant,
Through a thousand cuts.

The left liberal jackals,
Scratched their head
Why bleed this elephant
To its imminent death?

Isn’t he after all a herbivore
What danger he poses
Strategic or core?

Herbivore my foot
That is just a sheath
Haven’t you seen
His massive twin teeth?

So do you have
any plan
long or short term?
To finally get rid
of this pachyderm!

We will blow him up,
yes, that will be the best.
Our brave heart Jackals,
Will wear explosive vest.

And what happens
If one feels itchy,
Or has to scratch his back,
Thundered the right winger jackal
To the applause of his pack.

We are playing with fire,
We have to be brave,
May be along the way,
We may dig a few grave.

This meeting happened
Many moons ago,
The jackals are still trying
unsuccessfully although.

Hope someday
they see the elephant
As he really is
And realize their biggest enemy
Is self deceit

Also hope that day
is never too late,
or an extinct jackal species
may be the jungle's fate !

Elephant image:
Jackals image:


Tracer Bullet said...

This is hilarious, insightful and thought provoking. Great work Dhiru bhai!

Dee Kay said...

;) Thanks TB

Anita said...

So true. Very nicely described,.

Dee Kay said...

Thank you Anita :)