Monday, November 22, 2010

Flights of fantasy ~ part 2

I flew over mountains
I went over valleys
I traversed the vast expanse
I swept over prairies.

My flight was uninterrupted,
It was a thing of joy.
For here in these pages,
I had whined I couldn't fly

As all good things come to an end,
My aerial sojourn was not to beat the trend.
I started losing height,
Down I went,
Went past all those
Left behind on my ascent.

Serves him all right,
They might have thought,
But did I care?
For losing height had made me
giddy with fear.

But does it feel stinky when facing death?
For I was smelling something like rotten egg.

I opened my eyes..
was on my bed
Covered with laundry
that I failed to tend.

Hope you got the message
that I convey here,
Don't accumulate soiled laundry
for it may haunt you
when least feared!!


unknown poet said...
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unknown poet said...

hey!Big B..while reading ur poem feels like written by a poet and not by a green-horn(which u feel)..:)...thank god i dont write eng poems much otherwise my heart would have broken with ur poem's std. getting higher and higher day by day..;)[mere ander ka green eyed monster jaag jaata.. :D]

deekay said...

ha ha ha UP.....ha ha ha.....;-)

stephenjd said...

Dear Dhiru bhai, good transition.. the point you wanted to make stayed as a surprise till the very end. You have used words like 'sojourn', clearly I had to look them up to understand what it meant. I think you have found a great venue that would cherish your soul as you move on in life, being able to express feelings and ideas through poems is a very noble.

deekay said...

:-)......i hope u liked the transition

NRIGirl said...

Hi Deekay! NRIGirl here a common friend of Mohan Yadhav. Hope you heard the news. Very sorry.