Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stranger in the mirror

I looked in the mirror,
Saw a stranger,
Who was he?
Was this effect of lager?

He looked like me,
But he was not me,
Or was he the one,
I could never turn out to be.

I called out to him. in there....
Get out of the mirror,
For I belong there.

And pray who is this I
wryly, said he..
The stranger had spoken
and finished wasn't he.

Is I the one who faces the world
or the one that lives deep beneath thee?
For as long as these two
will live inside thee..
Looking in the mirror
Thou shall see me......


stephenjd said...

seriously, you are turning out to be a serious poet. I am going to print out your poems and pin it to my board so that I can see it every day and be reminded of life as you put it so.

deekay said...

as serious as seriousness can seriously think to be......;-)

Anonymous said...

Its time to talk to Random House Inc., don't you reckon? You are getting better at every verse you jot down :)
Just a statement of amelioration; try avoiding "....." in poetry, it breaches the flow of words.
An amazing work again, mate!

deekay said...

thnkx DS, for the compliment and amelioration...

unknown poet said...

mujhe bhi wahi kehna hai jo Steve aur Dev ne kah diya....gr8 work...:)

deekay said...

thx UP......:-)