Thursday, December 30, 2010


The effect of x-mas began only after 26 December.  No work, which means all my plans go topsy-turvy, that may been the reason that I suddenly started to get a lost like feeling, like falling into a bottom less pit...for want of anything better to do, watched DevD on DVD, (aha, DevD and DVD, rhyming words) which I had purchased a long time back and I was transferred to a different world, brought back to the world of reality occasionally by Rinkie and by mom at one time.  There is a scene in DevD when Paro takes out Dev in a field and rips open his shirt, it was precisely during this scene that mom made her entry and asked which movie? I said Devdas, (my mistake), she said are you kidding, seeing the action taking place in front of her eyes, she has seen the older one with Dileep kumar and also Bhansali's with Shahrukh, and neither of them had paro mounting on top of Devdas (that also in a field) ...I was at loss of words to last I mumbled that it is a sort of retake of the story, set in contemporary times.

Coming back to the movie...enjoyed it, although like in the older version, this Dev is also a nincompoop, but it is his narcissistic tendencies that have been highlighted here neatly....paro is good and the debutant chanda is cool.  I loved the way some contemporary events have been interwoven into the storyline like MMS sex scandal and also the BMW incident.  The songs did not at any time look like intervening with the flow of the narrative and only added to the emotions.  The only glitch I could feel is in the ending, which felt like a bit sudden, but I don't object to the way it ended.  After all being the narcissist that he is, how could he let himself wither away for a girl.....

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