Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Blown away from the tree
by a wind so strong,
Lost all my bearings,
was tossed all along.

Ended up on an unknown ground,
all alone, full of grief.
I cried my heart out,
still no relief.

What is my destiny,
can somebody foretell?
Drying and withering up
is all that rings a bell.

If there is God and a next life,
what I want to be?
Well, that can be anything
But not a leaf  on the tree....


stephenjd said...

then came a girl along
that made my heart skip a beat
she picked me up
and placed me in between paper sheets

years have gone by
but still I live
in between these sheets of paper
that has kept me from dying with grief.

deekay said...

i like that steve....i had initial thoughts of building up something similar, but then decided against it.....u should pen it mannn

unknown poet said...

while reading the poem i never thought itz about leaf..simply beautiful....

unknown poet said...

@ Steve...u can try ur hands n poem writing.....;)

Anonymous said...

Now that's a metaphorically splendid art of poetry!

deekay said...

yeah DS, i am coming to realize this fact....cheerz....


excellent again!! and liked the one on the comment form as well.

just checked ur other blog. isn't it there on indi?

Dhiraj Kartik said...

thanks deb....sorry for the late response...i was out of station......u mean the movie blog?