Thursday, September 1, 2011

The boy who never grew up...:-)

Once upon a time of yore,
lived a boy who grew up no more.
Boyish was how he would always be,
though all his freinds became big n wealthy.

He thought it in and thought it out,
to be like his friends, big and stout.
Tried how much, but still couldn't he,
mingle in the crowd of big n wealthy.

So this is what he thought that day.
Better be a child & follow what the heart would say
And believe me friends, even to this day
he hasn't grown up,after all, isnt he DEEKAY!!


Tracer Bullet said...

Dearest Dhiru bhai well said indeed, wrote your emotions and feeling into a poem good work.

PS: A suggestion I think you should get rid of the adsense.

DEEKAY said...

tnx steve....and ur suggestion has been put into action....cheerz mate