Sunday, September 4, 2011

Summit Beckons

You aspired to reach the summit some day
You trudged on, lunged on, despite delay.
Your persistence paid off and one fine day,
The summit was conquered at last....hurray.

Once on the peak, you rest, you think
the path to the top, was'nt all blink
your family, your friends goaded you all along
the cuts the bruises were soothed by the song
which lady life whispered in your ears
occasionally though you were moved to tears.

Reminisces over, now lets start afresh
another summit is calling,
lets start the conquest
knowing it fully that one fine day
this summit too would be distant,
like the one you scaled today

But don't forget the ones you met
all the while
coz they r the ones who made
your journey worthwhile

~ dedicated to my mt friends and family


unknown poet said...

good one.....:))

DEEKAY said...

thnx UP......:-)


wow!! absolutely brilliant writing!! we often forget those who made our life worthwhile

Dhiraj Kartik said...

tnx deb....i share ur sentiments...:-)