Saturday, December 24, 2011

My thoughts

I feel thoughts are my own,
from the depths of my soul,
they arise like smoke,
coming up from hot coal.

These thoughts of mine,
get entangled in words,
they soar up above,
like the flight of birds,
sometimes rudderless,
sometimes full of sense,
my thoughts wouldn't seem weird,
when seen through my lens.

Yet I feel a stranger,
to many a thoughts of mine,
as if somehow they got in,
and I felt them to be mine.

Who planted them in there,
In the depths of my soul,
without knowing which,
Can I claim them to be my own?

by deekay

Thank You Chris Nolan for Inception.........:-)

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Irfanuddin said...

"Wishing you n ur dear ones a very happy new year friend....."