Friday, December 23, 2011

Our nation

The nation is silent
everything seems fine
Until you scratch the surface
it will make you cry!

There is hunger,
there is pain,
for many, no food grain.
We fight for religion,
we fight for land,
knowing they are worthless
like desert sand.

How can we build
nation free and strong
when deep beneath
foundations are wrong!

We study hard
for good job and life
But end up in a world
full of strife,
running the rat race
afraid to be last,
without realizing,
becoming one of the rats!

This is the problem
which merits attention
with rats being churned out
at the end of academic session!

Lets stop running,
And be humane again,
corruption n intolerance
wouldn't be there again.

Jai Hind

by deekay

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