Tuesday, July 31, 2012


It wasn’t ought to be
Perhaps it was preordained
She was there in dreams
She vanished when day came

Days past are laced
With her fragrance all along
Words penned by me
Are nothing but her songs

I walk alone in the streets
Off the beaten paths I tread
Sometimes I do lookout
For the face which made me fret

Had she been with me
Would I now be here?
What will be the answer,
Will it be worth a hear?

Journey has been lonely
Journey has been uphill
Reminiscent of a giant ride
With ups, downs, and all the thrills

But each night when I retire,
to the world of dreams and thoughts,
I still find her waiting for me
What more do I want!


saakshi said...

:) hope you meet her soon apart from dreams, best of luck

Dee Kay said...

thanks sakshi