Thursday, October 18, 2012

On completing a year

Somewhere down the horizon,
Somewhere along the line,
We tend to draw a boundary,
Beyond which we seldom try!

I started my working career as a business transcriptionist, then moved on to medical transcription, where I worked for 7 long years.  These 7 years were the period when I made most of my friends, learnt a thing or two about life and also in the meantime became a good transcriber.  But the growing feeling of monotony associated with the job along with the stagnation of pay and challenges offered eventually drove me out and  I changed job and moved into a new yet unrelated sector.

Now after completing 1 year in this new organization and sector, I think it is time for a short question and answer session on the  journey so far.

1.        Was it a wise move (working in 1 sector for 7 years and then moving into another unrelated sector)?      Emotionally it was a great move, although logically and economically, it may take another couple of years for its impact to really sink in.

2.       Many of us feel this urge to quit and move to somewhere else, do something which we are passionate about, is it viable?   Well that depends on quite a few variables, like one’s financial condition,  the depth of passion one has, the type of person one is etc.  For example, if you are married and have a family to look after, a jump from a settled career to a new uncharted one may come as a rude jolt and a failure on this new venture can have a cascading effect on your life.

3.       Are you really happy now, after achieving what you had been dreaming for quite some time?  Yes, but this is just one small step, there is much more to come.

Thank you MT field and friends  for molding me and setting the tone for things to come…………….cheerz!


saakshi said...

Well done deekay.....

deekay said...

Thanks Shubreen :-)