Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Childhood Days

Days of innocence
Days of thrill

Days when life,
wasn't just a drill;

Days that were carefree,
free from all the plight,
Days which ended 
with mother's hug at night.

Days that are gone,
lost in the abyss of time,
Hope we can get em back,
whatever be the dime.

Days that remain,
etched in our heart, 
memories of which
wont ever part.


Jay Singh said...

Hi Dhiraj,

Quite true, childhood is the time when we have not been corrupted with the negative influences of the world or society. Lovely lines of the poem, liked this post :)

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Dee Kay said...

Hi Jay,

Thanks.....I loved ur presentation and the concept....hope u get the prize....all the best....:-)