Thursday, July 18, 2013


 I was running
All out and free
Following me
Were monkeys three

I jumped the creak
And jumped the wall
But those monkeys
Were monkeys after all

I jumped  I slid
I sprinted with all my will
But oh....those three
Just kept coming up at me

There seemed no end
With all curves n bends
I thought to reason
As I was near spend

Hey….Shame on you
Cant you see
I am alone
And you are three

Chasing one of your own
In broad daylight
Don’t act like human
Think ape like!

One responded
May be leader he was,
Deep and gurgled,
Was his old voice!

It is no matter,
You may be a kin,
But if you steal the idol,
Tis surely a sin!

If you are fed up,
With all this son
Then please don’t play
The Temple Run……J

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