Sunday, September 29, 2013

I will be there

Don’t  cry my friend
For I will be there
Always for you
You just need to share

On my shoulders
You can burden your pain
On my chest
You can let your tears drain

I may not say
But I too can feel
Your grief & sorrow
My touch may heal

Only one difference
Between me and you
I stand on four legs
And you on two

Still that difference
Does not count
On my broad back
You shall mount

And together the
life journey we can take
just hold the rein tight
for I shall make
this journey as bearable
 as it can be
how exhilarating it will be
you yourself shall see

lets pray those treacherous siblings
are on our side
for fate and destiny
 may still decide
how long inseparable
 we may remain!
As for them,
 its just a game!

so lets just count
all the joys and gain
& together ride out
All the sorrows and pain

And let it be engraved
 in our solemn heart
We shall be together
 Till death do us apart!

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