Thursday, October 10, 2013

Rich Dad Poor Dad

I would have studied higher
And landed my dream job
I would not have struggled this much
I am telling you with a sob,
Things would not have been,
This much bad
If and if only I had a rich dad!

I would have ventured into trading
Grand plans I do have
Work tirelessly to see my trade thriving
And make people just rave
But this never happened
Business never I did
Capital was never forthcoming
Lenders weren’t ever stupid
But credit I wouldn’t have needed
And I don’t think I am mad,
If and only if I had a rich dad

I would have built myself a castle
In castle I would dwell
My life would have been regal
It all rings a bell
But then you know,
 It’s a tale which is sad,  
After all am a poor man’s son
A’int one with rich dad

I caught my old man
One day napping by the tree
Gave him a wake up
And asked him why he
Couldn't create an empire
Of business for me
Nor let me study higher
So that I could be
A big hot shot
Or at least a honcho for sure
Why he did not do these
I wanted to hear

He looked into my eyes
And then looked straight ahead
Perhaps there was a valid reason
Stored in his head
Had many dreams,
Perhaps even more than you,
Have my son,
I too wanted to live fully
And to have all the fun
But then those were just dreams
And dreams, they do fade
As we grow older
As we become sane

And there is one more reason
Which I did not tell before
You see my father, your granddad
Wasn't a rich man after all!

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