Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Best Tablet


I have never been a gadget guy, so you can understand my 
 predicament when I was started toying with the idea of purchasing a smart phone or a tab or a laptop.   I wanted a device for connecting with my people (net call), for watching 
movies, playing games , reading books.  I decided to drop laptop altogether since the cost was much more than my budget at hand.  So I had to make a choice between a tablet & a smart phone.

                                                    SAMSUNG TAB 2

My modus operandi for any electronic purchase until now had been,
a) barge into a shop
b) pick any model based on shop owner’s recommendation and also my hunch.


That was how I had purchased Sony Walkman series mobile phone from Univercell back in 2007 while working in Coimbatore.   However, this approach was more like cat running across a road buzzing with vehicles.  If you have observed, the 
cat just rushes with all energy at its disposal to the other side.  As they say, cat has 9 lives, most of the time he escapes to live another day, but the risk is high.

Coming back to my electronic purchase adventure, the two major electronic purchases after that were mobile phone & camera.  I was aided & well supported by my friend Solvin in this quest, so all I had to do was just sit back and let him do all the bargaining and spec investigation for me.


However, Solvin was now miles away (though he gave me his recommendations via mail).  I started surfing the net diligently and was amazed to find the variety of gadgets on offer.   Once I decided the amount of money I was interested in investing in a gizmo, the list shrank considerably.  As I said before, the choice was now between tab and a smart phone.  The biggest drawback of a tab was the size, which limited the mobility.  Okay, it was lighter than a laptop and easier to carry also, but still it won’t fit into a pocket like a smart phone would.  However, I have had two experiences of losing mobile, once in Coimbatore (my Sony Walkman) and thence in Delhi.   So, I  was circumspect by my personal experience and decided on altogether shunning the mobility factor.   And there I was, finally decided on a gizmo, a tab it would be.

Here, in Saudia, at that time, there were only 3 tabs which I liked, Samsung tab 2 (7 inch), but the cost was twice more than Huwaei & Lenovo, Huwaei Media Tab (7 inch) but internal memory was 8 gb only and Lenovo Ideatab A2107 (16 GB internal memory)…..Lesser cost &  8 GB internal memory more provided by Lenovo (compared to Huwei) swung my decision in its favor and this is how I became a Lenovo tab owner.

I am into my sixth month of using this tab now.  Overall, I am satisfied with the performance.  Following threads in has also been helpful in understanding the tab functions better.
So, here is what I feel.  Don’t burn your cash investing in a high-end gizmo.  Even if you have too much cash to burn, put the excess cash into an asset like FD, RD, even gold ornaments.   

                                                                               LENOVO IDEATAB A2107A

  1. Get a clear picture about what you want to do with the device.
  2. Check the price range of the devices you like.
  3. By, now you may have spotted more than a handful of brands offering the same set of specifications.                                 
  4. Compare these different gizmos through online forums…I use GSM arena for this.
  5. You will have a good idea by now about what you want.
  6. Go to the shop, check the device, if you like the look and feel of it in your hands, then bingo…go for it.


Tracer Bullet said...

This is very helpful Dhiru bhai. A simple guide on your thoughts before and after purchase. I wish you could write more on how you have been using it and such things. Happy to see your post. Take care bhai.

Dee Kay said...

@Tracer Bullet...thanks mate...point noted...cheerz