Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Batman

He stands up there,
silent n still,
His cape flutters on,
like being fanned
 from a windmill

Brooding, alone
he fights his holy war,
his most powerful ally,
is his motor car.

A trusted butler,
sometimes helps him out,
When his adversaries,
have him knocked out.

His weapons n gadgets,
keep troubles at bay,
As he jumps in at the right time,
and saves another day.

However, I do wonder,
About his flowing cape,
Adorning his broad back
Giving him a ghastly shape.
What if he trips and then falls,
Or worse, if his cape gets caught
in revolving doors!

Laughing stock he will become,
& Rogue’s gallery of Gotham
 Will throw in a feast,
“The world’s greatest detective stumbles”,
“Can’t walk on his feet”!

The laughter would be loudest,
Of the joker, who will ask,
How can a bat ever see,
Be it light or dark?

This has never happened,
in the last 80 years or more,
lets hope it won’t happen
 anytime soon for sure!  :)


Paper~Clip said...

Being an ardent Dark knight fan, Loved it

deekay said...

thanks Revathi...glad that you liked it...:)